Boat Rental Agreement Forms

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Are you looking to rent a boat for a week, month, or the entire summer? It can really save you money over buying one, but don’t forget you will need to sign a boat rental agreement for this time period if it’s not provided by the owner. In most cases, you should talk to your insurance agent and find out what you will need to provide for a short-term insurance policy.

Any boat rental agreement will also include the basics of both parties’ names, addresses, and other basic information.

Here are the basics of what you may find on a boat renters agreement:

Type of boat (pleasure, fishing, commercial, etc.)

Make of the boat

Model of the boat

Year built

Registration number

Make and size of motor

Odometer reading if any

Life-saving equipment provided

Condition of the boat

How long you will be using it

Your destination and intention (fishing, sightseeing, etc.)

Deposit for damages if any

Be sure that you know that the boat is in top working condition, and also has no physical damage before your sign the boat rental agreement. Take pictures before you do anything too, as an extra precaution against claims against your insurance policy. Most likely you will be responsible for any damages, so check into insurance prices to save yourself some money in advance.

Most boat rental agreements will have a time period where you must return the boat, and then you will get your deposit back.

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