Free Rental Agreement Forms

free rental agreement forms
My landlord had my brother forge my rental co-signature… I responsible?

My husband and 2 children applied for an apartment, after hearing the rental agents incredible offer for a $99 deposit and one month free, we decided to go ahead with the agreement. When he ran our credit we did not qualify for the move in special so he asked if i knew anyone else that was in the market.

I called my brother who was looking as well, and he decided it was a great deal as well and decided on his own to go ahead and move in. We thought the lease agreement was acceptable, so it was all good (so we thought). Since then it has come to our attention that our lease was co-signed……..which we never had.

My brother enlightened us that the agent offered discounted rent and back to back apartments if he could get the forms back same day. My brother forged the signatures! I can’t believe it either.

What are our legal options?
My brother says he was pressured to sign but never did….he claims it was the over anxious sales guy that signed…….if he’s right, then what?

At this point you are responsible, you have to prove that you did not sign. In order to prove it was not you, you will have to press criminal charges against your brother and he has to be convicted.

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