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rental contract
Before moving to Florida, how long do you have to cancel a rental lease contract?

I am renting a apartment in Florida. I dropped off a small deposit that was not deposited by the rental company. Then last week, I came in, signed the lease, but did not give the remaining amount due. NOW, I do not want to move into the place. It has only been 7 days since I signed the contract and I think in Florida “a contract can be canceled within 10 days”? Does anyone know what recourse I have if I do not want to move in legally? My main question is “Can they hold me to the lease before I move in? Again I signed it 7 days ago.”

You should just call the rental office and ask them. They will be honest with you. I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t let you out of it. Don’t let these large apartment complexes fool you, they may try to keep the money just to line their pockets thinking that you will be afraid to say anything. This is a case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease, or in this case the rental deposit back! Worst case scenario, you can threaten to take them to small claims court which won’t cost you anything but time. They won’t want to do this, and most likely will return your deposit quickly.

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