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free legal forms
Where can I get free landlord forms? I am trying to raise my tenants rent in Georgia.?

I am trying to raise my tenants rent in GA, he is destroying my home and other things, where can I get free legal forms, also what is the max amount at which I can raise it.


If your tenants are on a fixed term lease then you can not raise the rent until the term is over, if they are destroying the place evict them now or it may cost you thousand of dollars to repair your home when they leave if it is a month to month then I think in GA unlike other states require 60 day notice even on a month to month to raise the rent. Get a free lease agreement form at: Lease Agreement Form

However, don’t ever let tenants destroy your property! This may be considered a “civil” matter by the police, but find a good lawyer before they destroy your house and have them removed pronto. Also, my advice is in the future have a background check done on your tenants as well as a credit check. People with good credit and no history of trouble with the law are not inclined to destroy your home, although it may still happen. Don’t take chances though, stay in touch with your tenants and get to know them, they will be less likely to do something like this if they know you are on their side.

Good luck!

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