Rental Application Form

rental application form
I need to make a form in Word that will allow you to type on the lines once the doc has been created?

For example, I type out a rental application that asks Name, Address, Phone Number. I want to be able to type on that line: Name: _______________ Any Suggestions?

This is one of the places Word demonstrates its bias toward printed documents versus electronic ones.

In short, I don’t know of any satisfactory way of doing what you want. There doesn’t seem to be a way to satisfy all of the following:

1.Underlining of blank characters to the end of the space and
2.Non-erasure of the underline when data is entered and
3.Non-expansion of the underlined space when the data is entered.

2 and 3 in particular work against each other, especially since you can’t control the user’s Insert/Overtype mode keyboard setting.

All that being said, the best way to get underlining of blank characters is to put a non-breaking space (CTRL/SHIFT/Space) at the end of each set of ordinary spaces and set the entire thing to Underline (CTRL/U). The keyboard would have to be in Overtype mode (OVR appearing at the bottom of the Word window) to avoid pushing blanks to the next line.

The alternative, as you may have already discovered, is to use underscore characters, but they get wiped out as data is entered.

Good luck with this dilemma.

The Rental Application. Dane Ruigrok Re/Max Chay Realty Inc., Brokerage Barrie Ontario

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